5 Types of People You Need On Your Team

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” While the origin of this proverb is highly debated, it’s unquestionably packed with wisdom. The basic premise of the age-old adage is that to have a lasting, multigenerational impact we need to develop teams that journey together which juxtaposes hastily individualism. While individuals may get to their destination quickly, developing a team fosters fortitude, longevity, and leaves a lasting impression.

Everyone Plays A Role

Developing a successful team is a complex endeavor that requires discernment as well as the use of leadership assessing tools. Knowing your teammates, and determining the traits and competencies each can offer, ensures that the teams are efficient while constantly moving toward the common goal. Furthermore, highly effective teams possess a fluid balance between risk-takers and risk-adverse, and each member plays a key role in the health and productivity of a team. If you want to develop efficient teams, here are 5 types of people that you need.

“The Tupac

Some debate whether he’s the greatest rapper of all time, but there is little debate about him being the most influential rapper that has every lived. ‘Pac possessed natural leadership qualities that permeated his rhymes, and his influence on the hip-hop culture is legendary. If you seek to have a highly efficient team, you need a Tupac-type: a person with the innate ability to lead the pack, someone who knows what it takes to get from Step A to Step B. He or she knows their colleague’s strengths and knows how to keep the group to task. These individuals are approachable, organized, motived, and have developed a long-term vision that is moving toward realization.

“The Quest Love”

Quest Love, the musical director for the legendary Root crew, is among the most creative musical minds of our day. He writes music, plays the drums, arranges, and integrates new and fresh ideas into music. Highly efficient teams need people like Quest Love who are uninhibited and creative. They are risk takers by nature and always seek to improve upon old systems by deconstructing them and implementing new ideas. They challenge the norms and are forward thinkers who have a lot of unconventional conversations and think “outside of the box.” They are imperative for the team because they typically come up with new, cutting edge ideas.

“The Hype Man”

Public Enemy rose to prominence in the ‘80s because of the hard-hitting, political lyrics of Chuck D and the undying enthusiasm of Flavor Flav. Flav not only “got the crowd hyped” but his enthusiasm spurred Chuck D to become a famed lyricist. Every team needs a cheerleader, a ball of energy to boost the morale of the team during difficult times. They are motivating, upbeat, charismatic, and eager. You might fail to see this person’s worth on paper, but do not dismiss the key role they play in developing and motivating your highly effective teams.

“The Contrarian”

I hate to mix my illustrations, but you know this guy. He’s the great debater – the one that wants all the details, facts, figures, and statistics before making a decision. He quietly listens to your opinion before presenting his case, and it not afraid to oppose you. He challenges your opinion for the greater good of the organization. They do a great deal of observing, researching, listening, and provide grounded views that are often contrary to popular opinion. They are intellectuals, and while they may come off as introverted at first, they have robust decision-making processes. I know they might annoy you, but they are definitely needed for the mission.

“The Emmitt Smith”

Emmitt Smith, the hall of fame running back, accumulated more yards from the line of scrimmage than any other running back in history. Simply put, he was a workhorse. He wasn’t the fastest, most elusive, or even the most talented runner, but he was relentless. Highly effective teams need Emmitt’s. This person is the doer, while they may not provide the most groundbreaking insight or innovative ideas, they are willing to get their hands dirty and execute. Their work ethic is legendary so don’t simply dismiss them as the “silent type.” They will carry the vision and run over any defenders in the way.

The culture and DNA of your team are essential to building healthily lasting teams, so assess your leadership and place people in positions for the good of the team you’re seeking to build. Each type of person mentioned above is in their own right a leader and leadership directionalities play a key role in the life of an organization. One would greatly benefit from utilizing their special skills set wisely.

That’s all I’ve got for now. In the meantime, go check out my new released e-book. Thanks for reading

Grace and peace.



Ernest Cleo Grant, II

Ernest Cleo Grant, II (@ernestcleogrant) is the Lead Pastor of Epiphany Fellowship Church of Camden, a graduate of Reformed Seminary (D.C.), and is currently completing his Doctorate of Education from Stockton University. He and his wife Sarah have been married for almost a decade and have two children( Amaela and Chancellor). He's an avid reader, a community advocate, and has bylines in The Witness, Christianity Today, The Star-Ledger, Desiring God, and other publications


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