One Way To Wade Through Grief

While I sat in the pews, shoulder to shoulder with distinguished clergymen and political figures from the city, I could feel the geyser of my emotions about to explode.

As a pastor in one of the most dangerous cities in the nation, I’d grown accustomed to attending funerals of promising young people whose lives were cut short by gun violence. But sitting there with this one in front of me, I’d reached my emotional breaking point.

After a pre-sermon selection by the gospel choir, the pastor walked toward the pulpit. With tears welling up in his eyes, he adjusted his tie and leaned his head over to peer at his nephew’s body one last time. I lost it

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Ernest Cleo Grant, II

Ernest Cleo Grant, II (@iamernestgrant) is a pastor at Epiphany Fellowship Church of Camden, a graduate of Reformed Seminary (D.C.) and currently completing his Doctor of Education from Stockton University. Ernest is married to his college sweetheart, Sarah, and the couple has two children (Amaela & Chancellor). He also has bylines in Christianity Today, Star-Ledger, Desiring God, and a host of other publications.​

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